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Matteo Capreoli is a half German, half Italian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer with a deep musical heritage. Fernando Antonio Capreoli, his father, left Salento in southern Italy for Germany in 1970, before forming disco-funk-rock outfit Lovexpress, made up of mainly Italian and Scandinavian musicians, playing drums in the band and touring Norway, Sweden and Denmark from 1974 to 1979.

When Fernando’s own father passed away, he was forced to return to Germany and Matteo was later born in Reutlingen, near Stuttgart, in 1986. The artistic influence of his father was strong in Matteo’s formative years and was a huge support to the aspiring musician as he began to find his own voice.

Matteo released his first albums under his own name and on his own label, TeTe Arts, in 2010. Two more followed, with sounds that spanned pop, hip hop and reggae. He signed to Berlin based imprint Sonar Kollektiv in 2020 as TTeo, releasing the Salento EP, named after the place of his father’s birth. More recently, though, he was serendipitously handed a batch of cassettes by his father of some of Lovexpress’ live shows from the late 1970s. The cassettes form the basis of, and the inspiration for Matteo’s latest LP – Lovexpress77. It’s an album that brings things full circle for Matteo, who now lives between Berlin and his family’s home town of Salento.

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