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Liz Aku

With a voice that invokes jazzy sweetness and soulful finger snaps, Liz Aku stands fluid and strong. After embarking on a transformational journey where she had the opportunity to work with bands such as Delavega, Internationals and Jerboa. Liz took off to NZ, where she not only found herself but also Mara Tk from Electric Wire Hustle, who intuitively understood how to capture her gift. Ankhor, the new Soul album by Liz features collaborations with artists like Chief & Deheb, Zulu Moon, Bart Maris, Lander Ghyselinck and Potatohead People. This is not to be missed.

We raise our Anchor and venture forth into a new era of our life.
We feel eager and alive and we are laden with Hope, excitement, dreams, expectations, imaginings and aspirations. Our Spirit feels light and free as we face the cleansing breezes which take us to our next port-of-call.
The Hope we carry with us on our new voyage encourages us to follow the course we have plotted out and carry out the plans we have made. We are steadfast in our vision of the pursuit of our new Dream.
Our new Hope prevents us from drifting in confusion as our Thought processes are now focused on new Dreams, creations and ideas.

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