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The sound nerd, as Sumo calls himself, was born with a music talent. Since his childhood, music has accompanied him in every step. He started very early as a piano and guitar player, bought his first turntables at the age of fifteen and finished later on his master’s degree as a composer and sound designer.

Today he works for one of the most renowned sound branding studios where he composes the music of various projects, such as for the Björk exhibition at MoMa in New York, the Smart trade fair presentations in Paris, Geneva and Frankfurt, the Bread&Butter exhibition for Mercedes-Benz in Berlin and much more.

Sumo is spinning records for over ten years now, performing DJ shows in multiple clubs and festivals in Germany like 0711 Club, Freund & Kupferstecher, the MTV HipHop Open and New Fall festival and also for corporate events of brands like Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Vogue, Grazia, Mustang and many more.

Besides the studio sessions and DJ gigs, Sumo hosts the “0711 radio show” for egoFM and produces the podcast “Rillencheck” in corporation with the Mercedes-Benz Museum and other DJ artists like Konstantin Sibold, Leif Müller, Dexter, Fatoni or Torch.

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