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Clara Hill

Clara Hill is a musician born in Berlin. She writes and performs with a varied array of artists. Her discography including 4 full-length albums and many 12“s featuring names of Electronica and Jazz knob twiddlers like Jazzanova, King Britt, Marc Mac and Rivulets, Atjazz just to name a few. Coming from a singer-songwriter / acid-jazz / electronica background – Clara never stopped discovering and experimenting new musical ways and musical diversity in various musical genres. Beside worldwide tours her main interest is to present her own independent musical language to focus on compositions besides musical trends.






Own Releases

Clara Hill’s Folkwaves: Sideways, CD

SK161CD (2007)

All I Can Provide, CD, LP

SK099CD (2006)

Clara Hill meets King Britt, 12inch

SK095 (2006)

Clara Hill meets Vikter Duplaix, 12inch

SK090 (2006)

Nowhere (I Can Go) feat. Atjazz & …, 12inch

SK079 (2006)

Restless Times EP, 12inch

SK022 (2005)

Restless Times, CD, LP

SK012CD (2004)

Here, 12inch

SK011EP (2003)
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