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His passion for  Funk, Jazz and Blues, for Hiphop, Rock and Reggae, for Electro, House and Drum n’Bass, rhythms and dance in general made him create the “Rhythmic Altered State”, a music medium who’s language is an urban  eclectic sound.
Robert has started RAS in London 1997 as a one man studio project out of a 12 sqm small room in a Brixton flatshare,. He had no bigger intend, as to release his first EP “Soul Buzz”,  with a small pressing on his little record label En Soph. It supposed to be more a side project, reflecting his dj and producer interests, while he was actually more a life musician, a full time music student and a  major dish washer. But the success of the second Afro-Beat flavoured release „Exit Routine“ on Jazzanova’s fresh founded label Sonar Kollektiv, made him become more and more a studio nerd, producer and writer. Encouraged to make an album, he moved to Berlin, where he invited musicians like singer-song writer Wunmi, Vido Jelashe, Weird MC, percussionist Alfred J.Mehnert and many more to work with him in the Studio. The outcome was a multi flavoured album, which reflects all the music genres, Robert was influenced by, as a dj and musician.

The album „ Rhythmic Altered State“, once out, with a great feedback and very positive reviews, activated a high request for a RAS, as a life act too. In a very short time RAS became a nine peace life band,  touring successfully two years trough Europe, playing an attractive mixture of Afro-Jazz-Funk, multi style music.

Meanwhile Robert has continued working  in the studio as well as spinning the desks as DJ RAS, which brought him  plenty encounters  and tributes. On his, in Berlin founded music label „Tonkind“, he has now created a new platform, where he is  not only featuring new acst and artists but also merging himself  with the always  modifying styles of club music.

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