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Glow In The Dark

Glow In The Dark is Harry Miller, a composer and producer residing in the UK.  He grew up in the rural East of England, where he was lucky enough to be in a setting exposing him to an amalgamation of musical genres, from 80’s soul, disco, and 60s rock n roll, to classical; plus, and very importantly, there was a piano, and from an early age he taught himself to play the instrument by ear.  Upon starting High School he then took up the bass guitar: where along with friends he played angst fuelled Nirvana covers.  At this time the culture at school was crudely divided into two scenes, ‘goths’ and ‘ravers’, and he was soon developing a taste and wonderment for the the other side of school life: the (now know as) ‘old skool hardcore’ of the UK rave scene.  Embarking on a family holiday, he purchased a cassette titled ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ by the Prodigy.  This energetic and sophisticated recording was to be an inspiring musical catalyst for Harry, and the start of a lifelong journey with electronic music.  He was soon multi-tracking, albeit at first on a limited Yamaha keyboard, but it wasn’t long before he took the technical plunge into the giddy world of computers and MIDI.  As time went by his musical tastes developed, there was hip-hop, acid techno, breakbeat, and then whilst studying Music Technology in the North of England he found a home with house music; French labels being at the forefront of his vinyl collection.

He has since played keys as a session musician performing with funk and soul acts around the London circuit, has studied composition and classical piano with an excellent teacher who opened his ears to Eastern European composers, he has helped teach studio production for music charities, and has written a number of underground electronic EP’s under various aliases.  Harry’s latest musical work is his Glow In The Dark project – ‘Future Bliss’:  a positive journey through powerful and complex emotive downtempo grooves, with 80’s textures and other worldly vibes.  When Harry’s not being GlowInTheDark, he’s playing Chopin.

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