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Nuspirit Helsinki

Nuspirit Helsinki is a multi-talented Finnish collective of DJs, producers, and musicians that has ascended to the forefront of the burgeoning European eclectic electronic music scene on the strength of their productions for Guidance Recordings, Jazzanova Compost Records (JCR), and Ubiquity Records.

The group was conceived in 1998 by founding members Tuomas Kallio and Hannu Nieminen (aka DJ Ender) who enlisted a core group of Helsinki’s finest musicians to develop a dynamic 21st century big band sound informed by a wealth of jazz, funk, soul, afro and latin influences. Equally inspired by cutting edge hip-hop, nu soul, broken beat, two step, house, and drum’n’bass, Nuspirit’s musical mission is to fuse live organic instrumentation with electronic textures to produce soulful and sophisticated music that can be enjoyed on or off the dance floor.

Nuspirit Helsinki are Tuomas Kallio, Hannu Nieminen (aka DJ Ender), Kim Rantala (aka Kasio), Toni Rantanen (aka DJ Lil’ Tony), and Eppu Helle (aka DJ Eppu).

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