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With the Berlin-based singer G‘emma, a true star is shining in the German soul sky. Last fall, Emilie Nguimba began studying jazz singing at the Osnabrück University. The singer, pianist and producer has been following her own musical path since her earliest childhood though, when she started taking guitar, piano and singing lessons. At the age of 15, she finally wrote her first own compositions and in 2019 her first single («Roundabout») with accompanying video was released.

In the same year, G‘emma moves to Freiburg, where she met the two producers and musicians Quintin Copper and Dowakee, who soon come to her aid. One produces her second single «Comfort Zone», the other introduces her to his record label Sonar Kollektiv.

«Types Of Water» was recorded in Freiburg and Tübingen together with Quintin Copper and Dowakee, has a very direct reference to current hip-hop and neo-soul. Hence G‘emma counts Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse among her most important musical influences. The six tracks of the EP are so different and varied that every facet of G‘emma musical universe comes to bear.

During the Corona summer of 2020, G‘emma often played intimate mini-concerts in the gardens of friends and acquaintances in Freiburg to alleviate their longing for live music. «Types Of Water» makes this feeling accessible to a wider audience.

Most probably you will see G‘emma on much bigger stages very soon anyway.

Because Germany has been waiting for such a voice for a long time!

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