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TTeo – Turquesa

You already almost nearly thought that Berlin was losing some of its magic. But TTeo is once more a living proof of how this city and its citizens, its clubs, the living between the hood («Kiez») and the metropolitan lifestyle can rattle and change you fundamentally.

Sonar Kollektiv – probably Berlin’s top place to go when it comes to blend pop music with the club experience – is utterly proud to present you now what Matteo Capreoli aka TTeo has been working on for months locked down in his studio. The outcome is the terrific EP «Salento» (named after the region in Italy), a release musically so ingenious as pure and simple you can’t really put a finger on it. Of course it’s all about the vibe and the aesthetic of the sound but also about the personal reflections of a musician’s life with lots of ups and downs. Is this music for the club, are these tracks for long late-night drives, is it the soundtrack for the corona lockdown? «Salento» will be released at the end of August.

Until then TTeo keeps your appetite wet with «Turquesa», the first track off the EP. Next to the original version you’ll get the «Overnight Express Remix» by Le Rubrique as well as a spaced-out electro version by the Warsaw-Berlin duo Casiopepe. Three times a thrill of anticipation for the end of August, three times high tension for «Salento».

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