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Slope – Komputa Groove / Want ‘Choo Longa

The Slope EP “Remixed” (SK036), released in October 2004, already indicated that new Slope Material was in the pipeline. What will come to your ears now won’t be less fresh and tight as the tunes from the first LP “M” (SK003CD/LP). The teaser 12″ is a first taste for the new longplayer “Komputa Groove” (SK055CD/LP) which will be released in March 05. The 12″ contains two album tracks which have been manipulated for perfect DJ use (longer intros and outros).


The A-Side contains the LP-opener and title tune “Komputa Groove”. Daniel Paul Hoffmann and Honesty managed to get Capitol A for this tune. The man who raps on Wahoo’s Sonar Kollektiv hit “Make ’em shake it” (SK038).

On “Komputa Grove” he wanted to try something groundbreaking. He decided not only to rap but also to sing for the first time ever. The result is a track which will set an exclamation mark in every house- or eclectic Set.

The Flip “Want’choo longa” is a boogie monster which features the voice of Ovasoul 7. This track too is pressed over the whole side for the best possible sound. The Slopes burst with proudness if you speak with them about this tune. D. Sabela grimes aka Ovasoul7, a multi-disciplinary artist and educator contributed his pen and voice to this song, which has always been one of their biggest dreams.

But check it out by yourself and ask them when they play in your town.

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