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Slope – Want’ Choo Longa / Nothing Like This Feeling / O-Bah

„Slope ist dope!“; so says DANIEL PAUL, who together with his colleague HONESTY makes up the DJ/producer duo SLOPE. And that’s also going to be the title of their remix compilation (SK130CDLP) which is due for release in January 2007. The CD will contain edits by and of SLOPE and features such illustrious names as CHARLES WEBSTER, HENRIK SCHWARZ, FAT FREDDYS DROP, CAPITOL A, ROBAG WRUHME, DAZ-I-KUE & AFRONAUGHT (BUGZ IN THE ATTIC), MOCKY, 1LUV, LARS BEHRENROTH and DANIEL MAGG.

There has already been one 12“ (SK128) taken from the long-player, one of the highlights of which was a previously unreleased remix by HENRIK SCHWARZ. Now this 12” makes it a double bill.

Included in the three tracks on this single there is the SLOPE remix of DANIEL MAGG’s O-Bah, which with its delay loops offers something for the deeper moments on the dance-floor. Apart from that there’s two remixes of tracks taken from the last SLOPE album Komputa Groove (SK055CD). While house-grooves ruled on the first 12” to be taken from the Slope Is Dope compilation, this new single is more about broken beats. CHARLES WEBSTER’s Remix of Nothing Like This Feeling embeds OVASOUL 7’s vocals in a playfully distorted, grainy synthesizer arrangement which is driven on by a nervous snare. The Want’ Choo Longa edit by BUGZ-IN-THE-ATTIC members DAZ-I-KUE and AFRONAUGHT goes even further: beats with an afro touch and a typical BUGZ bassline makes for an absolutely compelling recipe…

So this second 12“ taken from the forthcoming SLOPE remix compilation is also proof that SLOPE are at home in the clubs and they can regularly deliver listening pearls.


Hannes Bieger

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