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Slope – Gemini

Gemini sees SLOPE present another fusion hit which works as well in a broken beat context as it does in deep house.

The current SLOPE 12″ is a true hybrid in more ways than one. Firstly there’s the musical quality of the track: with a hypnotic, swinging, forward driving groove, Gemini is a wonderful link between genres – from broken beat via deep house to minimal, this track has it all and so it’s not only going to fit in one style of DJ set but will be perfect for those eclectic mixes especially when a bridge is needed from one facet to the next. And the Beat and Ambien Mix versions on the B-side open up even more room to play around.

It’s also worth mentioning at the point two other Sonar-Kollektiv compilations. In particular there’s …Broadcasting (from OFFtrack radio) (SK144CD), compiled and mixed by DIRK RUMPFF (OFFtrack) and JAZZANOVA. Gemini was an exclusive track made by SLOPE especially for this compilation – in this sense they are in the best of company as the well connected radio presenter and DJ, DIRK RUMPFF managed to collect a load of exclusive tracks for his compilation. Also on the second edition of …Broadcasting besides the SLOPE number can be found contributions from STATE RIVER WIDENING, SEASON, SOULTOURIST, TRICKSKI, REDNOSE DISTRIKT & BENNY SINGS, OUTLINES, MARK PRITCHARD, CLYDE & CAPITOL A, CLARA HILL, ZOETIC, FAT FREDDYS DROP, DEYAMPERT, THE SLAPPED EYEBALLERS, HAUSCHKA and last but not least BEV LEE HARLING.

The SLOPE remix compilation Slope is dope (SK130) should also not be forgotten. This portfolio with remixes by and of SLOPE, includes tracks by FAT FREDDYS DROP, MOCKY, HENRIK SCHWARZ, FORSS, CAPITOL A amongst others, makes plain to see the integrating force of SLOPE’s sound. It’s not words that count here, not genre references, rather the intensity of a musical idea – just true musical fusion.

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