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Slope – Runnin’ / Keepin’ It Up

„Slope ist dope!“ says DANIEL PAUL who, together with his colleague HONESTY makes the DJ and producer duo SLOPE. And that’s also going to be the title of their remix collection which is coming out in january 2007. This and another 12″ soon to follow are to draw attention to SLOPE in anticipation for the compilation which will contain edits from and for SLOPE (among many others, the London based collective BUGZ IN THE ATTIC are represented on the album).

All this comes at just the right time as SLOPE have already been going for over 10 years with their electro-jazzy-freestyle and during the course of their two albums for Sonar Kollektiv (M (SK003CD/LP), 2003, and Komputa Groove (SK055CD/LP, 2005) so much great material has been gathered that it’s simply high time for it all to be brought together in one release. It’s an illustrious list of collaborators who have hooked up with SLOPE for this project. Names like ATJAZZ, FREESTYLE MAN, STUDIO R, FORSS, LARS BEHRENROTH or DANIEL PAUL speak for themselves. The first track to be picked for 12” release is Keepin’ It Up feat. DESNEY BAILEY from SLOPE’ s first album. The tune comes in an up til now unreleased remix version by shooting star HENRIK SCHWARZ, who just had the honour of his own mix in the DJ-KICKS series on K7!

SCHWARZ uses hypnotic e-piano and sub-bass and transforms the tech-R&B of the original into a slightly deconstructed Latin variant with house undertones.

Runnin’  is a more housey number and another previously unreleased SLOPE original at that. This instrumental uses spacey atmospheres and dub chords persuasively – classic SLOPE style synths lifts the whole thing from a comparatively straight groove.

All in all, it promises to be an exciting autumn and winter for fans of the many facetted SLOPE universe…


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