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Lucifour M – Fox

Again and again it‘s fascinating to watch how the four musicians of Lucifour M are overflowing with ideas. Once more Michele Ducci, Mattia Dallara, Michele Manzo and Marco Frattini feature so many facets and implement so many plots on their fourth single ‚Fox‘ that you can‘t help but be amazed. At the same time the guys present all this richness in details in such a relaxed and light-hearted manner that we just want to plop down and indulge in this casual pop song.

What makes ‚Fox‘ even more interesting is its two-part structure which evokes the feeling of listening to two songs in one. A break in the middle connects the two parts of the song that lies in between uptempo and midtempo. Furthermore, ‚Fox‘ underlines the remarkable songwriting skills the band can draw on. Thus, the funky pop gem is highly welcome as an appetizer to Lucifour M‘s second 6-Track-EP which will be released on Sonar Kollektiv soon.

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