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Lucifour M – Valentine

Right after Lucifour M‘s debut single ‚Dog‘ on Sonar Kollektiv the four musicians from Italy are getting ready for the next blow with ‚Valentine‘. After a refreshing dip in soft synth pads, singer Michele Ducci showcases the smooth side of his versatile voice which carries us nicely through this sparkling pop song. At the same time Marco Frattini demonstrates what a real funky drummer is – just as if he‘d arrived straight from the sixties. As before on ‚Dog‘ Lucifour M once again make us swoon over their sophisticated breaks on ‚Valentine‘ once more – knowing that little interruptions only increase the anticipation of the next hook on the way to pop heaven. Moreover, ‚Valentine‘ acts as an appetizer to the first of two 6-Tracks- EPs on Sonar Kollektiv with which the four musicians will make the electronic music world shine.

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Lucifour M