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Lucifour M – Hell0

With two singles and a brilliant debut EP Lucifour M have been welcomed enthusiastically both by the music world and the media who love the four musicians‘ unique pop just as much as their charming videos.
‚Hell0‘ marks the start of the second half of the band‘s release offensive. The light-hearted pop song combines funky guitars, tight and crisp drums and jazzy chords.

Thus, it becomes apparent how much the versed musicians Mattia Dallara, Michele Manzo and Marco Frattini benefit from their solid musical fundament and the many years of performance practice in various bands and projects. Above all this lies singer Michele Ducci‘s versatile voice which possess a special kind of charisma and attraction that is hard to resist.

The combination of all this turns ‚Hell0‘ into a pop song which doesn‘t exhibit its musicians‘ skills in a bold manner. Instead, the quartet present their expertise in a wonderfully casual way. Together with the guys‘ sophisticated songwriting the band has created something entirely harmonic and a wonderful pop gem.

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