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Lucifour M – Dog

Sonar Kollektiv from Berlin are excited to announce the signing of the band Lucifour M and celebrate this event with the release of the single ‚Dog‘. The newly founded band is the latest project of the four musicians Michele Ducci, Marco Frattini, Mattia Dallara und Michele Manzo who have all been active for many years as skilled musicians in a lot of different projects (Santii, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Omar to name a few).

With ‚Dog‘ the four musicians with the initial letter ‚M‘ demonstrate their vision of a powerful and onward forcing pop song. Distinctive vocals and guitars and a swift uptempo beat – interrupted by striking downtempo breaks – set the tone here.

‚Dog‘ acts as an appetizer for the multifarious EPs which Lucifour M will release on Sonar Kollektiv later this year., with whose the songwriting and producing skills of the four musicians as well as their profound performance practice with their
instruments will come into full bloom.

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