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Two Banks Of Four – Queen Of Crows/Junkyard Gods/Go Remixes

With their 3rd album Junkyard Gods (SK182CD/jazz club) TWO BANK OF FOUR – ROBERT GALLAGHER a.k.a. EARL ZINGER and DILLIP HARRIS a.k.a. DEMUS – teleported us kicking and screaming into an unknown dimension of music, where Jazz music and Electronic sounds become one. The two lead members have both an impressive and long-standing music experience. GALLAGHER was a former member of GILLES PETERSON-endorsed nu-jazz outfit GALLIANO and DEMUS is a very respected London producer, who worked with the YOUNG DISCIPLES, IG CULTURE, ZERO 7 and founded the CO-OP club.
Their first long player City Watching released on Sirkus in 2000 has been a huge success amongst the jazz connoisseurs including GILLES PETERSON and JAZZANOVA. Their critically acclaimed second album Three Street Worlds came out 3 years later on Red Egyptian Jazz, a sub-label especially set up for this occasion by DEMUS and ZINGER. The two Londoners never look back on their past glory. They always move forward and take unexpected new directions and for their third opus Junkyard Gods (SK182CD) they broke new musical boundaries once again with 10 amazing tunes made of quirky electronic beats and drums, solos of flute, saxophone, trumpet and piano, strange harmonies and the magic voice of ex-GALLIANO stalwart VALERIE ETIENNE. Sonar Kollektiv is celebrating this breathtaking and path breaking release once again with a second 12“ of remixes, after the wonderful house reinterpretations of Shadowlands and Junkyard Gods of SEASON & SYGAIRE and ROLAND APPEL. And this time TWO BANKS OF FOUR decided to call up their good friends ZERO 7 and HERBERT for the remix treatments. And with such great names, needless to say that the highest quality of the music is guaranteed.

ZERO 7 (INGRID ETO) is a very famous duo consisting of producers HENRY BINNS and SAM HARDAKER. In 2001 they released their first album named Simple Things that achieved platinum-sales and became a milestone record for all the fans of chilled-out electronic trip-hop. Their song In The Waiting Line with the subtle voice of SIA has been a massive radio hit and was used in HBO’s top show The Sopranos. They carved out this reputation and crafted their own pop-electronica style thanks to two other sublime albums, When It falls released in 2004 and The Garden that featured gentle-voiced Swedish singer JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ and that was released in 2006. HENRY and SAM are not only a excellent duo of producers, they also made themselves a name as excellent remixers with remixes for internationally renowned bands and artists such as RADIOHEAD, LENNY KRAVITZ, LAMBCHOP and the American rap band NERD amongst many others. They gave a very nice pop and electronica flavour to 2BO4’s Junkyard Gods with their vocal mix. The dub version of their remix crosses the border between house and electronica with amazing drum and percussion parts that will sound great in the speakers of many clubs and home-stereos this summer.
On the flipside, 2BO4 welcome restless music innovator HERBERT for a unique remix treatment of Queen of Crows. Sampling wizard, classically trained pianist and superstar collaborator, MATTHEW HERBERT is one of electronic music’s most versatile and prolific figureheads. Recording under his own name as well as DOCTOR ROCKIT, WISHMOUNTAIN, RADIO BOY and others, HERBERT has also produced and remixed artists as diverse as BJÖRK, REM, JOHN CALE, ROISIN MURPHY, YOKO ONO and SERGE GAINSBOURG amongst many others. His remix of Queen of Crows is surprisingly dubby and laidback with a certain French nostalgic touch and an impressive orchestration made of various layers of strings, flutes, drums, keyboards and accordion over a nice 8-bitish analogue bass line. With this remix HERBERT gives a second breath of live to Queen of Crows and a new depth to the vocals of VALERIE ETIENNE.
DENNIS Mc FARLANE a.k.a DEGO of 4HERO and his partner MARK CLAIR a.k.a. MARC MAC massively changed the face of 90s music and made a huge contribution to dance culture. They are regarded as the pioneers on jungle and drum n’ bass with their first album In Rough Territory released in 1991 on their own Reinforced label and they never stopped working and innovating ever since. In more than 20 years they released no less than 6 albums and set up 5 different labels: Reinforced, Raw Canvas, 2000 Black, Omniverse and Twisted Funk. They have been crowned several times for such a long-standing passion for music. Their album Parallel Universe released in 1995 on Reinforced was labelled NME Album Of The Year and their album 2 Pages on GILLES PETERSON’s Talkin’ Loud was nominated for a Mercury Prize Award and won them a MOBO Award in 2001. They recently released Play With The Changes on their own Raw Canvas label, which received a critical acclaim in UK.
The 4HERO remix of Go was delivered just in time. It kicks from the first second, it’s a floor orientated Broken Beat mix for all lovers of rough UK sound.

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