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Jazzanova at Record Store Day 2013

On the occasion of the sixth Record Store Day in April, Sonar Kollektiv releases for the first time a limited 300 copy special edition in celebration of the day, the vinyl and the record store. And it wouldn’t be Sonar Kollektiv wouldn’t we be treated with a very special goodie: The new shooting stars and new signings of the label,  Paskal & Urban Absolutes took a classic out of the extensive repertoire of the label to task, “That Night“ by Jazzanova from 2001. As usual with a remix by  Paskal & Urban Absolutes the vocals of the track are not short-changed after the revision. With a voice like the one of Vikter Duplaix you can’t do wrong anyway. On the other hand,  Alexander Kastner and Adrian Hoffmann built such a safe bet of a 2013 sounding deephouse cracker that you get subsequently a dub version of it on the flipside. You can call it a win-win situation for everybody. Hopefully especially for the Record Store Day 2013 though!

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