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Trickski – Sweat / Sunshine Fu*k

Thursday night, half past 2 in the morning at the Weekend Club, Berlin’s current number one “Hot Spot”. A wild mixture of Chicago and Detroit tunes, almost forgotten dance anthems and upfront house stuff gets the crowd cookin’. Suddenly, Jack Migger jumps on stage and his Hip House Live Action puts the night on a whole new level. Unexpected things happen: hands in the air, groupies screaming and men shaking their rumps wildly! Sweat is running everywhere, even over the laptops of the boys of “Goldener Westen” who are responsible for the crazy visuals.

Who are these guys?!
TRICKSKI are the two Djs Yannick L. and Daniel “störte” Becker – both of whom have been active for many years. Yannick was getting props for his single Hotbox/Gallieni on Cabinet. The Sonarkollektiv 12inch “Sweat/Sunshine Fu*k” by Trickski gets major respect from all over the world:

* “sweat is DA BOMB have played every time since we got it one of the hottest tracks for summer” – Glimmer Twins (Eskimo)
* “I love the record, it’s amazing!” – Tiefschwarz
* “Woohaaaa..’ Sunshine Fu*k is the biggest freakin mutha out there right now. Both tracks are really hot but Sunshine Fu*k is devastating in a club. An absolutely massive joint… love dat!!” – 10/10 Mad Mats (Various)
* “the record is fantastic! i really love the ‘sweat’ track and that really dark down tempo one with the pitched vocal sunshine f*ck” – Carl Craig (Planet e)

The last news about that 12inch are Carl Craigs lincensing of “Sweat” for his Fabric Compilation (release date: end of november ’05) Trickski also started off the new Compost Records Black Label series with their wildstyle anthem “Hormony” which is ranked high in many playlists and has been reprinted for the second time.

They also compiled a rare late 80s/early 90s selection for 2nd Volume of Compost’s I like it series, together with Trevor Jackson, Richard Dorfmeister and Pole. Another release on Compost was Trickski’s RMX for Mustang’s 10.000 leagues deeper, which earned major respect for the crispy techno sounds and the extra-ordinary 4minutes break.
Daniel and Yannick are internationally booked Djs and founders of the Berlin Underground Club Helsinki (R.I.P.). Jack Migger (a.k.a. Fna) (a.k.a. Zitterrochen) (a.k.a. the Mohr you know) is an Underground Hip Hop activist who takes care of the 5Finger label, also member and founder of the Club Helsinki and gets the crowd going wild as a one of a kind entertainer. Goldener Westen are something like the extended “Gadgeto” arm of Trickski. Their wildstyle visuals add the special something to every club night.

After six hours of acrobatic jumps, high B-scores and amazing skills on the Buckelpiste, it is quite obvious that Trickski combines very different styles and influences and mixes them to something foxy and new. Fire, Ice and Dynamite! Willi Bogner would love it!

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