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Member Of The Trick 09: Meerkats

TRICKSKI’s successful 12″ series comes along with another sensational single including their own track Lost Tape and Black Rose / White Rose by SOLOMUN. Sonar Kollektiv recording artists TRICKSKI have masterminded the entire Members of the Trick series which culminates this summer in the MOTT compilation CD (SK155CD/elektrish).

TRICKSKI are surely one of the hottest DJ duo from Berlin. Also known to their friends as YANNICK LABBÉ and DANIEL BECKER, they have fast been making a name for themselves over the last year and especially with their successful Member of the Trick series for which they have done all the A+R and discovered quite a few goodies that have been totally unknown before. Their biggest hit to date is the classic from 2005 Sweat (SK063) which CARL CRAIG licensed for his Fabric mix (Fabric25). Their latest track, Lost Tape, available exclusively on MOTT09, is a sublime slice of hypnotic house that just pushes like a train. The well timed break and a slow but powerful drive gives this track an old school feel. Lost Tape is not about peektime only, but more about providing a house dj-set with a deep and solid basic. Lost Dub , the stripped down version is focusing on nothing but the groove. One of TRICKSKI’s great A+R discoveries over the course of the Member series has been Mladen Solumun AKA PLAY AKA SOLOMUN. Trickski charted his Tagesschau as their no. 1 for two months in a row and signed him right away. He is a passionate DJ coming from the heart of Bosnia. For four years Mladen has been hosting his own club night “DIY” in Hamburg, out of which has grown his DIYnamic label through which he has released six EPs of his to date. SOLOMUN hit the Sonar Kollektiv scene with the last Member single and his track Keep Control. Black Rose is a masterpiece of deep house with strings and keys coming together over a superbly chilled beat. It is available here in two mixes. One deep cut (named White Rose) that just keeps the mood and one that is presenting Black Rose’s amazing hook in the way it deserves. Both exclusive versions bring the original track, featured on the MOTT compilation, to club level.

TRICKSKI obviously believe in SOLOMUN a lot that they include not one but two of his
tracks on their compilation CD and put his new tune together with their own on the latest
installment of the Members of the Trick 12″ series. TRICKSKI have managed to set an incredibly high standard with this pioneering series. Number nine in the series is another in a long line of great singles. And with positive feedback towards the 12″ series from such big name DJs as Carl Craig, DJ T and Phonique, one can only hope that it won’t be long until the second Members of the Trick series gets going.

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