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Member Of The Trick 01: Get Rich Or Try Dying EP

We are proud to present the kick-off of our latest series here on
SONAR KOLLEKTIV! “Member of the Trick” is its name and is brought to you by TRICKSKI, our latest newcomers. TRICKSKI´s debut 12″ “Sweat / Sunshine Fu*k” was one of the surprises of 2005. Their approach and sound is different, somehow unique – yet growing – and with this series they are joining forces with artists aiming for the same gap. These artists will become “Members of the Trick”.

The first Members are LEROY & DARNELL.

Although they are nearly forgotten nowadays, LEROY & DARNELL of Detroit have been music pioneers for almost two decades. While Leroy was the bass player of Detroit’s only post-krautrock (sic!) band, DAS ÜN-MODUL (their underground hit “9-5-A67” being quite influential for numerous early techno tracks), DARNELL founded the DARN OF DEATH label in 1988 to release his only own work.

Now these two crazymen are back after disappearing for quite some time. But they are back for sure! Finally, they’ve unlocked the doors of their basement sound laboratories to bring us the first release of TRICKSKI´s series “Member of the Trick” on SONAR KOLLEKTIV. Get Rich or Try Dying is a five-track EP presenting LEROY & DARNELL’ s skills in various tempos and styles of the Detroit musical microcosm.
Disco, house, beatdown, hiphop, techno – Get Rich or Try Dying is an homage to all of LEROY & DARNELL´s (and Detroit’s!) musical influences. Entschoi!

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