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Thief – Atlantic / I Can’t Remember

Following their first single Hold on, Hold on (SK129), here is the second strike of the forthcoming debut THIEF album.

The project THIEF is Berlin singer-songwriter SASCHA GOTTSCHALK and two members of JAZZANOVA STEFAN LEISERING and AXEL REINEMER (EXTENDED SPIRIT). So far THIEF is best known for his contributions to the Secret Love series on Sonar Kollektiv that JAZZANOVA conceived with RESOUL. Now the debut album is finally standing on the starting post.

The A-side Atlantic is a classic love song – its grooving arrangement uses characteristically JAZZANOVA chords and drum breaks and a brass ensemble. The sound is reminiscent of a bygone musical vibe – things like the Californian Sound of the late 60’s of THE BEACH BOYS (eg. Pet Sounds), but carefully transfered to the here and now and, of course, with the voice of THIEF singer SASCHA GOTTSCHALK at the center point of whats going on. The closing words are as sweet as they are unpretentious: „I’m only safe when I’m with you!“

I Can’t Remember (presented in a short version here) shows a very different, but equally important, aspect of the THIEF sound – the psychedelic element that plays an important role on their forthcoming album Sunchild (SK135CDLP). A driving rhythm made of heavy drums, bass and electric guitar sound provide the background for strange floating vocals that deal with the paranoia of a capitol city.

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