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Secret Love 2 – compiled by Jazzanova & Resoul

Jazzanova and Resoul return with another little box of secret twisted folk gems specially selected over the last twelve months whilst digging through record shops across the World. This time we are treated to a more electronic slant but one that still sits closely to that folk twist. The selectors might be known for their dancefloor sensibilities, but like most people in the music industry, it’s not all about one style. This compilation shows us another side to Jazzanova and Resoul, after the monster club tunes have already sunk deep into their huge record shop bags, they like to find nice 7″s and other “Folk pearls” to listen to and spread the word about.

We are treated to a couple of Sonar Kollektiv exclusives for autumn listening such as from singer-songwriter Thief, whose much anticipated debut album will follow next year on the label and also from new signing 1Luv who has just signed to the Kollektiv. Those New Zealand legends Fat Freddys Drop also step up with a sublime track, which is taken off their debut LP that is currently causing a huge stir in the UK after their recent live appearances.

Beyond the Sonar Kollektiv exclusives there are current folk favourites from friends of the label such as 4 Hero’s remix of Chungking which see them take the original and give it a Beatles-esque twist and other recent classics such as Roger Robinsons’ Dream Keepa which has been catching peoples ears for the past few months.

Whilst compiling the ear of the DJ was always present and with tracks by Psapp, Marz and G-Litter and remixes by Akufen of Brooks’ ‘Tell Somebody About Us’ you can hear the ear of Jazzanova the DJ’s when they have their chance to take you across all boundaries of electronic music within their sets…most noticeably their own night in Berlin ‘Kaleidoscope’.

It doesn’t just finish there! Other highlights included are Freeform Five’s ‘Slow’, which is an electronic acoustic pop gem, Fleckfumies’ dubbed electronic sweeping songstress groove, Tuungs’ acoustic folk masterpiece and none other than Daft Punk with their soundtrack ambient groove!

But until the next box of secret gems sit back and enjoy Jazzanova and Resoul’s perfect soundtrack to the Autumn ahead.

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