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The KBCS – The Center

The Center is the fourth single on Sonar Kollektiv from Hamburg based quartet, The KBCS. Following on from the radio friendly Pockets feat. Olivier St. Louis, which received support from a plethora of stations across the globe, comes another smooth and soulful outing, this time featuring the stunning vocals of J. Lamotta.

Like their previous single, The Center’s polished, pop feel belies its roots as a freestyle song-writing session between four somewhat less polished, but highly talented, musicians. Once the guts of the groove had been jammed out, label boss Oliver Glage had the vision to get Berlin based songwriter, beat maker and poet J. Lamotta in, to add her unique tones into the mix. The Tel Aviv born and Berlin based vocalist gives the song a somewhat delicate and fragile dimension that plays perfectly alongside graceful guitars and contrasts with a sturdy backbeat of bass and drum.

„The meaning of the word center in this song comes from my search for the core. The gut, the intuition, the inner voice, and the creative energy that lead me to make any decision in my life. Sometimes I lose track, but as I walk down the path and look around me, I get inspired. It re- minds me to keep my feet on the ground and keep close with that sense of honesty.“. – J.Lamotta

The package comes complete with a sublime foot friendly and jazz flavored remix from Bristol based UK outfit Dundundun. Having found favor with BBC 6Music’s Gilles Peterson and Tom Ravenscroft, as well as collaborating with Worldwide FM rising star Rebecca Vasmant, the British collective deliver a warm and rousing rework that embraces J. Lamotta’s vocals whilst still taking them straight to the dance floor.

The KBCS represent the coming together of four very uniquely gifted, but very complementary, musicians from Hamburg. Drummer Lucas Kochbeck spends much of his time obsessing about vintage recording equipment, tape machines and the like, whilst adding his talents to the recordings of retro-loving contemporaries such the Bacao Rhythm And Steel Band and the Colemine Records family.

Keyboard wiz Nicolas Börger is very much an in-demand, sound-centric master of the blacks and whites, in the same way that guitarist Lars Coelln lends his skills to a myriad of works across the sonic spectrum. Completing the quartet, bottom end provider Daniel Stritzke adds a little freeform jazz and hip hop attitude to the mix, but even then you can find his bass holding things down on crossover hits galore.

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