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Slope – Komputa Groove

After their first Album Daniel Paul Hoffmann und Honesty aka Slope had to decide between three options. First, to enjoy and life from the money of their royalties until the end of their time. Second, to split up and start solo artist careers. Third to ignore the success of the first album, accept commissioned productions and start with the second album. Luckily they have chosen the third option because without “Komputagroove” 2005 would be a less inspiring.

Most of the ideas for “Komputagroove” they developed during the work on an album called “Tridem” for Allessandroni (The whistler in “Once upon a time in the West”) released on “Crippled Dick Hot Wax”. Daniel and Honesty put together these ideas, so called Slopejams. They put these ideas into a concept and started with the selection of guest vocalists directly after finishing the Allessandroni Album. By doing so they really had the Midas touch:

  1. Sabela grimes aka Ovasoul7, a multi-disciplinary artist and educator contributed his pen and voice to three songs. Capitol A, as well from San Fran, who created the Sonar Kollektiv Hit “Make ’em shake it” (SK038) with Wahoo, raps (and sings for the first time) on two songs. Not only were Slope successful in their choice across the Atlantic they also looked toward the east. At DJ Gigs in Poland they met Eva Navrod, a Jazz- and Opera Singer from Poznan. Her contribution “There is no friendship after love” is surely the most eccentric track of the album.

From their hometown Berlin, Clara “Sugar” Hill and Colin Corvez were invited. Corvez is known for his releases on the Swiss House Label “Purple Music” and as singer of “JCB”, a band from Berlin. Clara “Sugar” Hill’s Album “Restless Time” (SK012CD/LP) on Sonar Kollektiv put her on the top of Slope’s favourite Singer list. Selecting a track of their Slope jams Clara created the tune “At least”. She also sings together with Capitol A on “Citysteps”. All tracks are written and recorded in the new Slope studio. The technical and acoustic improvement can be heard in the flow of the tunes. Every element has its own right and get’s straight to the point.

The track listing is as versatile as the one of their first album: Boogie, House, Breakbeats and Hiphop is presented to the listener. Using Claps in almost every track was not planned. But it gave the first working title for the record: “Claptomanix”


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