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Soulphiction – State Of Euphoria

Michel Baumann is no newcomer. The Philpot/Phil_e label owner, started his electronic music carreer in 1996 under his Jackmate alias with some heavily Chicago influenced tracks. He has released 12″s on such esteemed electronic labels as POKERFLAT, PLAYHOUSE, PERLON and GSTONE. Since 1998 he has also been producing under the name SOULPHICTION developing his hip hop roots. Since 2005 he performs together with GilzKlubs SUSANA ROZKOSNY.

Straight off in the opening intro track comes the softly whispered call to “wake up” and from then on you just know all SOULPHICTION want to do is get live! A booming sub-bass kick drum beat picks the pace up a bit on the title track State Of Euphoria. SUSANA ROZKOSNY´s sensual voice takes no getting used to at all as it is heard for the first time on track three Used; she has such a warm rich vocal tone, it feels like velvet on the ears.
The funk element in SOULPHICTION comes through on Make it Slow – rattling cowbell and a brightly strummed guitar ensure this song will “make your body ache” on the floor. Deranged really gets the temperature rising. The sample says it all “if house music was air”, so just take a deep breath. Then disco hi-hat and congas combine wth a deep acid snyth siren sound and a sweet classic male soul vocal on No Jealousy turning it into a sure fire dancefloor hit.
Midnight Funk Infinity makes further and effective use of that movie sample sound. The double bass and straight heavy beat make this a truly intergalactic track. It’s a real builder, guaranteed to fill any floor.
Despite the title, Days Of Feeling Sad is a pure feel-good funk number. While
Love Thang is a chill-out number. The ultra-relaxed contra-bass groove and soothing vocals give this sweet little piece an almost lullaby quality. And last but by no means least the romantic sounding instrumental Angela provides the perfect end to a very fine album.

State Of Euphoria is a fusion of the finest in soul, jazz and hip hop and is a quality one would expect of Berlin’s Sonar Kollektiv label. The fact is that the SOULPHICTION sound is sophisticated and and at the same time accessable. It will appeal to the discerning ear as well as those looking for something new. Indeed, you may well find yourself feeling euphoric on listening to this album. SOULPHICTION achieves that rare crossover act of taking the best from funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and dance/electro and still delivering something highly original where you can feel the artists soul shining through in the resulting record.
Dirk Markham

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