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Clara Hill – All I Can Provide

On her new album All I Can Provide, CLARA HILL easily does it: Blending a soulful voice with deep lyrics and sophisticated beats from an illustrious range of producers into an irresistable 21st century urban sound. With names like ATJAZZ, VIKTER DUPLAIX, CHARLES WEBSTER, SLOPE, SANDBOY (Tobias Meggle), VOLKER MEITZ and GEORG LEVIN, CLARA HILL has collaborated with the créme of clubland´s soul and jazz knob twisters. The result is a personal and very mature album, full of great songs, moods and emotions. Its sensuous atmosphere will make hearts beat faster, its grooves will move hips on many dancefloors.

A little more than two years after the release of her debut album Restless Times (SK012CD/LP), CLARA HILL steps ahead with All I Can Provide. While her first album was an excursion into the depths of electronic soul, All I Can Provide is furthering her vocal journeys while mirroring the various musical styles that CLARA is passionate about. Naturally, there´s a broad range of genres to be found: Deep house and boogie, jazz ballads as well as folk oriented songs vibrate on All I Can Provide. It´s a bit like listening to a excellent mix tape, with CLARA´s splendid voice as the mastress of ceremony.

Besides the collaborations with producers, she also invited co-singers to join in on her tunes. There´s Paper Chase featuring VIKTER DUPLAIX, or the album´s title song All I Can Provide which she co-sang and co-produced with fellow Sonar Kollektiv artist George Levin. Except for the tracks produced by ATJAZZ, SANDBOY, VIKTER DUPLAIX, CHARLES WEBSTER and KING BRITT, most of the album´s other tracks were co-produced by CLARA HILL – consequently shaping the album´s personal mood and atmosphere.

Lyrically, All I Can Provide is more complex and clearer than her debut. With her new songs, Clara captured ephemeral emotions, short, precious and intense moments. “The songs reflect a sort of emotional diary. They are documents of what surrounded and influenced me in the last two years, be it love, sadness, joy and curiousity”, CLARA says in a conversation about the album. In comparison to her debut, the songs for All I Can Provide were written more spontaneously, “too keep an unfiltered feeling alive”.

To put it short: With All I Can Provide CLARA HILL delivers a stunning second album. Twelve tracks full of soul, emotions and deepness, with a vivid passion for musical variety and the beats that move the more sophisticated dancefloors. Referring to the album´s title and it´s great musical quality, CLARA HILL quite obviously did provide a lot.

Press Quotes:
“Clara Hill has found critical acclaim and fervent support from her fan base over her short but vibrant career yet somehow mass success has never emerged in the way she deserves her talent. Philly maestro King Britt may be about to change all that with this high tempo broken electronic groove. Ms Hill offers up a killer hook yet generally sparse vocal which suits the arrangement perfectly. Britts deep and dirty bassline helps drive the track right to the heart of the dancefloor where it should find much favour!
Taken from Clara’s second album All I Can Provide, which is due this summer.”

“Clara Hill – wicked stuff again. With producers like Britt and Slope onboard it’d be easy for her to be overshadowed but she’s really the star here and her voice works really well whether it’s something mellower like ‘Nowhere’ or one of the more upbeat tracks…””
Paul Clarke –

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