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Pete Josef – Lavender

In mid-October the successor of Pete Josef’s debut album «Colour» will see the light of day via Sonar Kollektiv. The thrill of anticipation is almost unbearable – not only amongst the steadily increasing fan base of Josef’s music. That’s why we get another pre-taste of the upcoming album named «I Will Rise With The Birds» after we already enjoyed the first singles «Giants», «This Sun» & «Snatching Time».

«Lavender» is a song that sounds as pleasant sweet as the fragrance of the plant of the same name. As a listener you best lay down in a vast flower meadow, take a deep breath and let yourself ensnare by Pete Josef’s unique and embalming voice. The horns (John Pratt and Gary Alesbrook) and the strings (Bernie Mallinger and Clemens Sainitzer) will surely feel like butterflies dancing around your nose. «Lavender» is a song for all those who are already in love and those who still want to fall into love.

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