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Pete Josef – This Sun / Snatching Time

In mid-October, it’s finally time for «I Rise With The Birds», the brand new, the long awaited, sophomore album by Pete Josef. You might have a presentiment why the expectations on this successor are so high by listening again and repeatedly to the debut «Colour». Or you treat yourself to «This Sun» and «Snatching Time», two of the ten new songs off the upcoming album.
Both of these songs show impressively how Pete continues where he left off with «Colour» while getting even more frisky with the arrangements.

«Snatching Time» sways majestically between confidence and melancholia and captivates the listener with a smashing string arrangement. There are lots more of these on «I Rise With The Birds» and provides the album with more depth.

On the other hand, «This Sun» seems to almost burst due to its sheer vitality. The baritone and tenor sax played by old companion John Pratt interrupts Josef’s mellow vocals which are accompanied at the end of the song by Marie Lister.

Pete Josef knows like no other singer-songwriter of his generation how to make music that gets under one’s skin without being corny at any time at all.

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