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Pete Josef first solo release!

Over the last three years Pete Josef became something like Sonar Kollektiv’s in-house singer by choice. Guest appearances and collaborations on albums by Alex Barck, ComixXx and Paskal & Urban Absolutes established the golden tonsils from Bristol as one of the stellar voices of the Berlin based label. Now his first official solo EP, “Colour”, sees the light of day. Four tracks that display impressively his vocal virtuosity on one hand and his profound songwriting skills on the other hand. The title track “Colour” shifts away from the club orientated productions Josef is normally involved in and shows that his music is domiciled in the emotional, organic pop and blue-eyed soul genre. Just as calm, mature and graceful, “The Travelling Song” swings along and warbles gently out of your speakers. A touch of jazz in-between the Brazilian influenced percussion provides the song with the feeling of an endless summer. That’s exactly the sound Sonar Kollektiv is famous for in ages. The first time Pete Josef caught attention was together with Darren Emerson as The White Lamp. Their club hit “Make It Good” was released in 2012 on Sonar Kollektiv. Now Josef surprises us with his very own, distinctive, acoustic cover version. Far away from the original the song suddenly sounds if it was penned by Mark Ronson or blessed by the Daptones. Even Mayer Hawthorne would be more than happy with a backbeat as merciless funky as this. Finally we are served with a remix of “Colour” by newcomer Glow In The Dark. To pigeonhole it in a music journalistic way is physical impossible. Maybe that’s the reason why the A&R department at Sonar Kollektiv will release a full album with Glow In The Dark productions in early 2016. But first we will enjoy this lovely EP in an eternal loop.

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