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Pete Josef getting remixed

Pete Josef released his long-awaited debut “Colour” last autumn. Now the first 12inch with four fantastic remixes arrives (the digital release comes even with six of them).The remix by British LV for “Hope” is the perfect kick-off and whets one’s appetite for more. Their sensuous rework accommodates Josef’s voice immaculately and lets the bassline vibrate as gracefully as a treetop in the vernal wind. Appropriately another duo, this one from Montreal, delivers an ultra smooth remix for “Spring At Last”: The Black 80’s fortify herewith their claim to be the next hot shit. Also a name to watch out for over the next few months is the one by Fabian Dikoff. Another remix for “Colour” comes all the way out of the prosperous Vancouver scene by the Potatohead People. The “Lights Off” as well as the “Lights On” remix are both gentle RnB with the emphasis on the snare and on the lovey-dovey synth melody. SK309 / elektrish – out 24th of june.

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