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Summer hit by Pete Grace & Pete Josef!

In his home country Poland, Pete Grace is already a well-known and respected DJ and producer. Over the last few years his releases on the Warsaw labels Spekulla Records, Taste The Music and Time2fly Records have also been played over and over beyond the borders of Poland naturally. The next logical step for Grace now, is to make his club sound with its distinctive East European touch available for the public at large – via Sonar Kollektiv. This way he also benefits from Pete Josef’s astonishing voice. Within the last two years the Bristolian singer and one half of The White Lamp has come to be something like the in-house voice of Sonar Kollektiv (f.e. to be heard on Alex Barck’s album “Reunion”, on the album “Lux” by Paskal & Urban Absolutes and the last EP by Marlow, “Backroom”). You can hear how well the two Petes match from the very first verse: „Finally I can see your face, finally I can see you the way you taste“, sings Josef and a bassline kicks in as snappy and smart as a Polish hunting dog. But what starts like a proper House tune crumbles again and again into sentimental breaks to gain at the same time vast sex and pop appeal. Worth watching is the accompanying video clip, telling the story of a beauty, which you can only find in Poland. To unlock the full potential of the track also in the club world, Mao and Rockford Inc. have been kindly asked to deliver remixes. After flying high with the remix of Alex Barck’s “Doubter” the twosome Mao keeps the altitude high to drop another bomb, giving every dancefloor in this world the shivers with this impelling, sombre remix. Also not for the first time working for Sonar Kollektiv is Oliver Marquardt under his Rockford Inc. moniker. Which goal his revision of “The Way You Taste” is aiming for says the name itself „Sunday Brunch On A Dancefloor Rework“. And actually, these are the exact occasions in Marquardt’s home town Berlin that cause quite often the most euphoria. Last but not least you get the bonus track “Mleko” with this digital release. A bestial rave monster which, under certain circumstances, could even become one of the biggest smash hits in this year’s Ibiza season.

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