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Lucifour M – Uno

‚Uno‘ is the first of two big 6-Track-EPs which the four musicians Michele Ducci, Marco Frattini, Mattia Dallara und Michele Manzo release on Sonar Kollektiv.

After a short audio message as opener the four musicians with the initial letter ‚M‘ enter this EP with ‚Reborn To Love‘ in a very melodic and vigorous manner. Skilful drumming and powerful guitars set the agenda here. And with ‚Dog‘ they keep the reins tight and combine uptempo hooks full of distinctive vocals and guitars with striking downtempo breaks. And with each following track like the charming pop song ‚Valentine‘ it becomes more and more clear what Lucifour M stand for: elaborate songwriting and sophisticated and complex instrumentation cohere in a stunningly natural and harmonic way. Thus, multifarious songs turn into sparkling gems which cleverly defy typical genre classifications.

However, it is very plain to hear the great musical training and many years of musical practice the four guys can fall back upon. It is this rich musical foundation that can be heard in each beat of this sumptuous and lush EP. Words like well-hung and ripe are culinary terms which spring to one‘s mind when listening to ‚Uno‘ – perfectly illustrating why this release goes so nicely with Sonar Kollektiv.

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