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Jazzanova: Remixed

In 2000 you had the Jazzanova Remixes with all their remixes, then Jazzanova came along with their debut album in 2002, and now in 2003 it’s time to announce the album “Jazzanova Remixed”, which includes all remixes of Jazzanova tracks ever made. This is a massive double-CD with many remixes that were only available on vinyl so far and some brand-new remixes, especially produced for this release.

The Jazzanova boys themselves did the selection of the remixers, whereas most of them are old friends, and the boys deeply appreciate their musical output.

All producers have their roots in an eclectic musical background. Surprisingly the final remix products are quite different in their style and still – somehow – homogenous. Whether it is Bugz In The Attic, Wahoo and King Britt with a more House music orientated interpretation, or Madlib, Jazzy Jeff and DJ DSL who rather tend to produce in a Downbeat Hip Hop style way. But there is a lot more as for example Stereolab and Dr. Rockit who drive the electronica independent road or Moonstarr, Ayro and Ian O’Brien with their little darker, Detroit style productions. Anyway, you know the score, so make sure you get hold of this fine bundle!

press quotes
– “…One of the best fusions of all the disparate elements of club music
yet.” (Ben Wilcox in Straight No Chaser 45/98 )

– “… they light a musical tinderbox” (The Face, UK)

– “a very fertile musical world” (Time Out New York)

– “Jazzanova, die überirdischen Spielmeister der Verflechtung stilübergreifender Genres.” (De:Bug, Jan 02 über die neue Maxi)

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