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Sonar Kollektiv 2 – compiled by Dixon

Yes, finally it has happened again! Since our last label compilation was released over 3 years ago, we thought it might be a good idea, to release a new one…! And beginning of 2003 seemed to be a perfect release date, because at that time we would like to present a new Sonar Kollektiv to the public.

A new Sonar Kollektiv?!?
Well, the Sonar Kollektiv always defined itself through its sublabels. Every sublabel had its own unique style. But people in the public were often confused by our structure. A lot of people knew the Sonar Kollektiv more as an inscrutable mob of DJs, Artists and Labels. But nobody could really tell what the Sonar Kollektiv was all about.
So we shut down most of our sublabels and now we will release everything simply on Sonar Kollektiv. Another reason for this change is, to move on from a typically 12 inch orientated tracklabel to an artists based label. In 2003 we will concentrate more on Artists Development with amazing acts like: Micatone, Slope, Clara Hill, Forss, Georg Levin, Dixon … etc. an important base is given. (But don’t worry, of course we will also continue dropping bombs on 12 inches)

Yes, you guessed it right, our second label compilation in the Sonar Kollektiv history ever should be a reminder of the old days, but it is also a sign for a restart.

So we told Dixon to compile a new Sonar Kollektiv compilation. And Dixon took his time, sat down and researched for forgotten tracks, good tunes which were not released on CD yet or lets say simply just good songs.
Finally he put all the pieces of the puzzle together and created a tracklist, which is just adorable!
All the tracks have a non-definable mix of inspirations that includes classical styles like jazz, funk and soul, but also more “modern” interpretations like Hip Hop, House or Broken Beats.
None of the Sonar Kollektiv Artists would like to define to only one inspiration and that’s what we call the Sonar Kollektiv Spirit.

Long live the Kollektiv!

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