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Jazzanova …broad casting

Entering their tenth year of existence, the Berlin-based formation JAZZANOVA has already broadcasted through various ethers- let it be their label Sonar Kollektiv, their highly acclaimed DJ-Sets or their radio show, which has been transmitted through the terrestrial radio wave for the past 5 years. There are enough reasons to celebrate this with a compilation that combines highlights from the most recent back catalogue with exclusives from long time Sonar Kollektiv affiliates, rookies and brand new talents. The number of so-called freestyle compilations currently floating the market seems endless but the past has shown that a wide network of music lovers next to touring the globe relentlessly in search for new rhythms and sounds has given the JAZZANOVA boys an advantage when it comes to adventurous new music.

On their continuous quest, they bumped into the two Londoners ERGIN and GLEN aka PHAROAH ROCHE who are both obviously influenced by the West London broken beat sound. Their first tune Sun Of A Beach has been a substantial part in most JAZZANOVA DJ Sets for the past months so it was obvious that it needed to be featured in this package. With the help of FAT FREDDYS DROP singer JOE DUKIE the berlin based DJ lady EVA BE produced the wonderful No Memory Of Time featured here in the previously unreleased Reggae Version. It seems like SLOPE and TRICKSKI are also in need of tunes that build bridges between different tempos therefore they teamed up with their bosses to produce the useful tool Beatzeps as JASLOPSKI.
The two Swedish fellas ELIAS RAAM and MARTIN HALLBERG better known as ARKEN had a surprise success with their 12″ on Sonar Kollektiv (SK056) last year. Here they are featured with a twisted downbeat stomper followed by the seminal JAZZANOVA produced intro or in this case outro for last years sing along tune #1 Just A Little Lovin´ by Outlines.

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