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Beats, Bites & Öxle – compiled by Jazzanova & Rainer Trüby

Music producer, record collector and JAZZANOVA’s long-time friend RAINER TRÜBY is a man of passions and a fountain of knowledge. His encounter with the JAZZANOVA crew in the early 90s has been a lucky and fruitful one. RAINER TRÜBY shared with them his erudition in music from old jazz classics and house rarities to the newest and freshest music productions and they are not the only ones that benefited from his never-ending love story with music. Musicians and DJs such as DIE FANTASTISCHEN 4 or BBC 1’s radio legend GILLES PETERSON also gained a lot from working with him. RAINER TRÜBY made himself a name with many different and successful projects such as Talkin’ Jazz 3 on Talking Loud, the Abstract Jazz Journey mixes for the label King Street Sound, the sampler series Glücklich on Compost and of course with the famous band TRÜBY TRIO, that he formed with his friends CHRISTIAN PROMMER and ROLAND APPEL and whose wonderful album Elevator Music (2002) has been a huge success that crossed-over the German music scene. After all those years of hard work RAINER did not lose the enthusiasm he is known for and it was just a matter of time before he passed on his other big passion to the JAZZANOVA team i.e. his love for good wine.

Wines of quality and great music pieces have in common that they don’t get any worse with the time flying by. Indeed the taste of a vintage wine is refining itself year after year and a musical masterpiece sounds always beautiful years or even decades after its composition. And this is certainly not the only similarity that RAINER discovered between wine and music. In 2004 he started to organise the famous Beats and Öxle exhibitions in Freiburg at Waldsee. Every new exhibition has been and still is the occasion for him to share his love for wine in a nice musical atmosphere and to present the best bottles that the wineries of this region can offer.
The question of „which wine for which dish“ became a hot topic of conversation between RAINER and JAZZANOVA, whether they met for a listening session, at a dinner or at a party. And instinctively RAINER got himself involved in the making of Homecooking (SK127CD) last year and shared his wisdom with personal wine tips for many recipes in the first cookbook of Sonar Kollektiv. It became obvious that he would be the right friend to work with on a new cookbook concept that would please both finest gourmets and music connoisseurs. And for them they created this new book called Beats, Bites and Öxle (SK167CD/illicity), where the savour of a delicious dish meets the flavour of a tasteful wine. They selected 6 vineyards from the region of Baden–Württemberg in the Southwest of Germany. In the book each winemaker presents his vineyard, 2 of his favourite traditional recipes as well as the bottle of wine that accompanies this moment of gustative pleasure to the perfection.

Sonar Kollektiv puts the cherry on the cake with an assorted selection of their best tunes. CHRISTIAN PROMMER opens with the jazzy number Claire taken from his first album Drum Lesson Vol.1 (SK162CD/jazz club). SLOPE is taking part with their tune Keepingitup in a magnificient HENRIK SCHWARZ remix and other great artists such as EXTENDED SPIRIT with their classic Solid Water retouched by TRÜBY TRIO and as NORMAN WEEKS AND THE REVELATION with I Just Wanna Sing For You keep this jazzy-ambient vibe intact. This compilation also highlights Sonar Kollektiv’s most soulful artists such as 1LUV with Neophilia and the lovely voice of JZABELA, GEORG LEVIN with Leisure Suit and SOULPHICTION with the sunny number Love Thang. ISOUL8 goes a little bit uptempo with Give It Up that features the lush voice of VALERIE ETIENNE and CLARA HILL & VIKTER DUPLAIX keep up this pace with the groovy and seductive Paper Chase. Of course JAZZANOVA is featured in the selection with a surprising yet emotional live version of their famous track That Night featuring CLARA HILL recorded in the Sonar Kollektiv office.

The presence of Like a Rainbow by NOMUMBAH is the extra spice to this musical dish. This tune, which is released for the first time, is a beautiful deep house cover version of the song written by the fusion-jazz band AMANITA that can be found on the Sonar Kollektiv Brazilian music compilation Paz e Futebol (SK089CD/LP). EVA BE completes the picture with her lovely ballad She walks alone featuring German actress PEGAH FERYDONI as presented on her recent full-length album Moving Without Traveling (SBCD0007/SB 7020) on Sonar Kollektiv’ s Dub and Reggae sub-label Best Seven.

With Beats, Bites and Öxle (SK167CD/illicity) Sonar Kollektiv multiplies the pleasures once again, so lay the table and leave the rest to your hosts JAZZANOVA and RAINER TRÜBY.

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