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Janek van Laak – OCTAPUSSY

“OCTAPUSSY” is the first single to be taken from the debut solo album by Berlin based drummer, composer and producer Janek van Laak (1/2 of Tutu Amuse).

It’s an almost ten minute epic that takes the form of a rearranged and re-recorded improvisation between Tim Foley (percussion), Hal Strewe (bass), Kaspar Föhres (synths), Jonathan Braun (alto
saxophone) and Janek (drums). Added to the track’s original form are guitars from Julius Conrad and vocals by Janek himself. The track begins with a delicate interplay between dreamy keys and drum rolls which are joined by silky guitars to create an effortless modern fusion sound. As the piece builds, the guitars become more discordant and brusque before a calmer moment takes over, bringing those ethereal, heavenly vocal sounds to close the show.

Janek’s debut solo album “Circle Of Madness” is a record that is best described by himself as a snapshot of “something at some point” and encourages the listener to “stay curious while trying to maintain a balanced and non toxic relationship with perfectionism on this discovery of new land through music, channelling self expression and learning”.

OCTAPUSSY out now.

Album out 15.03.2024 (LP / DL / STR).

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Janek van Laak Circle of Madness