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FREE DOWNLOAD – Tim Aminov (Mïus Remix)

After releasing two singles “Delusional” and “Broken Words”, now Mïus makes a remix for Tim Aminov – before taking us to the darkness of Eigengrau on 1st April. For this remix Gergely Almos – Budapest based songwriter/producer – hits a harder, minimal language as usually mïus owns, but listening to it closely you can find the genuine atmosphere of his own. In addition a nice, reflecting artwork has been added to the album by Budapest based artist diamorpha (Dalma Tamara Puskás) as mïus is always collaborating with artists from any fields.

Tim Aminov‘s new Moment EP has been released in February. Aminov has offered up the evocative video—directed by Lado Kvataniya, with Andrey Maica acting as DOP—for lead track “One Lone Survivor (Feat. Pete Josef)“. Centered on a young boy’s journey through a desolate, apocalyptic Russia, the video is a perfect accompaniment to the beautifully produced track.
++ original track by Tim Aminov //
+++ mastered by anorganik //
++++ artwork by diamorpha // //



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