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Feiertag – Queen & King feat. Rhi

Joris Feiertag is a Dutch producer and live-act from Utrecht in the Netherlands who makes music that is a finely balanced combination of organic and synthesised elements, often using ingenious syncopated rhythms combined with instruments such as the harp and kalimba.

In 2023 he will release Roots, his third album on Sonar Kollektiv. Having concentrated his attention on catchy hooks and a number of guest voices on his first, and deeper breakbeat workouts on his second, Joris felt it was time to deliver something that sat comfortably in a space somewhere between the two.

The LP features a plethora of vocalists from across the globe including Berlin based Noah Slee; Rotterdam’s Robin Kester; Guinea born Falle Nioke; young spoken word artist from London, Nego True; Afro-futuristic U.S. hip hop outfit OSHUN, and Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Rhi, who appears here on Queen & King, the second single to be taken from the album.

Joris came across Rhi, as he has done with many of his collaborators, via Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists. Already a fan of soulful UK independent imprint Tru Thoughts, to whom Rhi is signed, her voice was soon a regular fixture on the Feiertag studio speakers – in particular the very sultry favorite Plain Jane. It wasn‘t long before the producer got in touch with the London based artist, and soon the duo found the perfect pairing within the murky yet mighty Queen & King.

It’s a song that took quite a convoluted journey to get to what you hear today – starting off as a straight up hip-hop track, albeit with leftfield, quirky vocal samples. Over the course of a year though, and with Rhi’s vital input, it was
transformed into a nebulous yet compelling tale of striving for independence and the understanding of self worth. With its shades of Tricky and Massive Attack, it’s one of the most powerful, and at the same time intimate, pieces of music on
the album. It’s also a very personal one, as Rhi describes:

„Queen & King is about being content on your own, putting yourself first and not settling for anyone unless they enrich your life.“

Once again, Joris creates new challenges for himself by working with artists outside of his immediate musical sphere. His seemingly endless search to shine a light on
new and exciting talent, as well as his tireless work to discover the old and reinvent the new will surely see him break new ground and gain new followers for years to come.


Feiertag – Queen & King feat. Rhi OUT NOW
From the album ‘Roots’ – October 23

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