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Feiertag – Trepidation

«Time To Recover», the brand new, just released debut album by Feiertag is packed with bangers of sophisticated, but at the same time catchy, pop music.
Always built on innovative syncopated rhythms, he stitches in a rich array of instruments from the harp to the kalimba and often works with international vocalists.

His cathartic but characterful music is perfectly suited to the long player format as the upcoming album will show. The majestic ‚Trepidation‘ is a great window into what to expect – languid rhythms that slowly get under your skin, with lush percussion and rich keys layering in plenty of soul.

The vocal wails of Msafiri Zawose bring a world music feel that enriches the whole track and ensures you cannot help but get swept up by the whole tune.

Feiertag is in fine form here, with plenty more to come.

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Feiertag Time To Recover Vinyl