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Feiertag – Kojin

Feiertag has released two albums on the label so far – his debut, vocal led and uplifting long-playing record Time To Recover, as well as its subsequent remixes, and last year the more sonorous and personal Dive. Before embarking on album three, and discovering whichever side of Feiertag’s multi-faceted personality and talents that will explore, Joris has taken a moment to unleash a couple of one-off pieces just to cleanse our musical palettes.

The first of these is Kojin – a long time secret weapon in his sets that just oozes an unabated ferocious power, as Joris explains:

“It‘s about that feeling that you have too much energy, but just can‘t get it out. That feeling of tension in your body, ready to spread positive vibes.”

And Kojin surely has that in spades. It’s a piece of
music that never lets up from the first note; an intense and almost industrial juggernaut of a tune that combines ominous vocal samples with unsettling basslines, bustling breakbeats, frisky percussion and haunting synths. A late night (or early morning) dancefloor behemoth that’s sure to cause some serious damage wherever it’s let loose.

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