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Feiertag – DEKY

Joris Feiertag is a Dutch producer and drummer from Utrecht in the Netherlands who makes music that is a finely balanced blend of organic and synthesised elements, often using ingenious syncopated rhythms combined with instruments such as the harp and kalimba.

His brand new single, Deky, is replete with such attributes as warm crackles and curious ringing keys make way for frenetic stuttering programmed beats. Once again, the natural and alchemical elements of Feiertag’s musical output at once vie for supremacy whilst simultaneously combining to create a sound that is somewhat other-worldly.

The relentless, twitchy tempo of the track, coming in at around 154 beats per minute, is complemented by chopped-up samples of New York-based, Japanese producer and vocalist Rei Brown. As an artist who himself experiments within the boundaries of indie pop, alternative electronic and lo-fi R&B sounds, Brown’s vocal adds all of these flavours into the sonic stew that Freiertag has concocted. The producer plays around with the pitch of Brown’s soulful chorus, adding tension and a certain anxiousness to the sultry vocals and harmonious bells and keys that run throughout.

Once again, Joris creates new challenges for himself by finding that place where his music can flourish, this time sampling an artist outside of his immediate musical sphere. His seemingly endless search to shine a light on new and exciting talent, as well as his tireless work to discover the old and reinvent the new will surely see him break new ground and gain new followers for years to come.

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