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Feiertag – Black Diamonds & Pearls

Joris Feiertag loves to generously ignore genre boundaries. What‘s interesting, though, is how he realizes this in a completely positive way without any anti-attitude. Instead, his way of making music features a very affectionate approach and a love for the openness and the degrees of freedom which electronic music has to offer. Thus, with ‚Black Diamonds & Pearls‘ he has managed to create a kind of electronic Halfstep-Soul with impressions of Jamaican music flaring up. As a graduate musician and professional drummer Feiertag draws upon his profound musical education and the rich history of pop music just as well as his own brimming creativity and his passion for experimenting in a playful way. Not least the expressive vocals of singer Alxndr London turn the downtempo song ‚Black Diamonds & Pearls‘ into a musical gem for all those who love to explore the leftfield side of electronic music. At the same time the song increases the anticipation of Feiertag‘s six track EP ‚Severance‘ which will be released early 2020 on Sonar Kollektiv.

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Feiertag Diamonds