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Sonar Kollektiv 21 Years… Feel Vergnügen

Grown-up at last! Sonar Kollektiv getting 21 years old these days is not the only reason to celebrate this occasion. The label founded during Berlin’s sensational atmosphere of departure at the end of the last century by Jazzanova’s three members has always been quite mature. Looking back awe-strucked at the almost 400 (!) releases strong catalogue it strikes you how sophisticated and seasoned it is – from the beginning on and somehow unexceptionally.

In celebration of the anniversary Sonar Kollektiv comes up with something very special: A two volumes strong label compilation featuring many highlights from the archives, plus even more exclusive tracks that haven’t seen the light of day yet or are planned for future releases. The collection is split into two volumes, «Feel» und «Vergnügen» (which means delight) and encompasses more than sixty tracks in total.

The journey starts with Jazzanova member Alex Barck and «Oh Africa» off his debut longplayer «Reunion» from 2013. A major part of the songs of this comprehensive overview of Sonar Kollektiv’s body of work originate from this period of time. Sonar Kollektiv set against any sort of negative trend and provides quality goods for 21 years now, which stand the test of time perfectly. Even tracks from the very early days of the label (f.e. «Goddess» by Pathless, «Bohemian Sunset» by Jazzanova and Dimlite’s «Byrdshot And Bye», which by the way got sampled from no other than Kendrick Lamar) still sound damn fresh today! From Solomun to Isoul8, Mieke Miami, Jonatan Bäckelie, Micatone and Radio Citizen to Fetsum, Pete Josef and of course Jazzanova are all represented with at least one contribution on this compilation. Somehow every single featured song displays Sonar Kollektiv’s ongoing endeavor to expand its own horizon as well as the one of all true music lovers worldwide.
Naturally this includes also all the label’s exclusive collected tracks: «Chanzo Pancho» by Marlow & Trüby, the remix by LoYoTo for Liz Aku’s «Season Change», as well as Micatone’s «I Only Miss You When I’m Bored». Highly anticipated is also the remix by Jules et Spatz (Jimi Jules and Kalabrese) for Mooryc, like the one by Paskal & Urban Absolutes for Budapest based Mïus. And then there are the teasers for the new and debut releases of Key Elements, Lucifour M (their second EP «DUE» will come out in spring 2020), and the new family member and drummer of Kraak & Smaak from Netherlands Feiertag (the EP «Severance» will be released shortly).

As if all of this isn’t enough the Sonar Kollektiv crew put two very special bonus packs in the bag: For the project «Sonar Konnekting» different artists of the label were invited to the Jazzanova Recording Studio to record some music together over the course of two or three days. Two of these collaborations are premiered now here on «Feel Vergnügen» for the very first time. One is the session of Paskal & Urban Absolutes, Mieke Miami, Chopstick & Johnjon. The other one is «Walk With Me», a co-production of Fetsum, The Black 80’s and Jazzanova.

This is really, really a lot of music for your ears. But it’s like that when you get older and enter adulthood. Now you finally want to prove that you’re in tune with the times and you want to rev up big time. Here’s to another 21 years of Sonar Kollektiv. Feel Vergnügen!

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