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TTeo – Salento

Once again Sonar Kollektiv hits the big time: The Berlin based label releases the first recordings by TTeo – Matteo Capreoli’s electronic side project. Over the last ten years the Italian producer has become somehow the picture- perfect German-speaking singer songwriter with three highly acclaimed studio albums under his belt and a production portfolio encompassing artists like Samy Deluxe Y’Akoto and Bengio.

Only his move to Berlin and his commissioned work
for a short documentary shook the foundations of the thoroughbred musician and let him reinvent himself completely. Suddenly everything was reduced and boiled down to its core: his life, his surroundings, his music.
Sonar Kollektiv – probably Berlin’s top place to go when
it comes to blend pop music with the club experience – is utterly proud to present you now what Matteo Capreoli aka TTeo has been working on for months locked down in his studio. The outcome is the terrific EP «Salento» (named after the region where Capreoli’s family is from), a release musically so ingenious as pure and simple you can’t really put a finger on it. Of course it’s all about the vibe and the aesthetic of the sound but also about the personal reflections of a musician’s life with lots of ups and downs.

«Violett» for instance emphasizes Capreoli’s passion for cinematographic music, where even his own voice becomes an instrument amongst others and the dramatic composition of the arrangement brings the best film score to mind.
Capreoli’s Italian soul shines through with every fulminant melody (“No Room For Love” which features NOËP on vocals and is co-written by UK’s #1 album wri- ter Pedro de Souza) but is tamed by the impelling force of the rhythm. A rhythm which is always given priority
– also on tracks like the laid-back «Galipolli». Capreoli has not only written, recorded and arranged all the five tracks on «Salento», but is also responsible for the mixdown of the EP.

Only this way he could be sure that TTeo’s first release would sound exactly like he has had in mind.
To be honest, it definitely sounds rattling good. Another milestone for Sonar Kollektiv and for Matteo Capreoli anyway.

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