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Feiertag – Hush Remixes

After his highly praised «Severance EP» in January, Feiertag will keep the 2020 action going with yet another fine EP «Heal» coming in October. As we waited for this fall release in the quickly fleeting summer sun, Feiertag’s vision of modern, warm and arousing house music was kept on full display with a lead single entitled «Hush» in June and is now complimented by very personal and distinctive renditions of «Hush» by Pitto and TTeo.

TTeo’s interpretation comes in like a summer storm building up menacingly slow but finally drumming cathartically over one’s head like hail but in a most certainly satisfying way.

The dutchman Pitto handles the track with a completely different approach by brutally bolting the strings to the forefront and rearranging the song’s structure from the bottom up.

Still, both are surprisingly fun to listen to and even while almost all nightclubs remain closed, you will hold your hands up in celebration of the day.

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