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The Space In Between with D’Monk, Ken Okuda & Marian Tone // 07-14-2023

The Space In Between is a celebration of the spaces that exist between musical genres, where artists are free to experiment, innovate, and push the boundaries of what’s possible. From jazz to electronica, from funk to soul, house to disco, this series will showcase a diverse range of musical styles, united by a spirit of creativity and exploration.

Our guests for this new episode are two local heroes from the Berlin based SHUSH crew, who deliver soulful vibes on their regular events and radio shows. We also gonna chat a bit about our Jazz Cafe London show, celebrating 25 years of Sonar Kollektiv on the 28th of July. Exciting!

D’Monk is an instrumentalist, producer and selector from London & based in Berlin. He has co-founded the SHUSH collective, bringing a soulful touch to Berlin dancefloors. Their own DJ-sets and productions traverse a multitude of contemporary styles while being deeply rooted in dance music culture. His music emanates the raw and the soulful, representing an eclectic collage of his influences and heavy vibrations are to be expected from him, whether in the form of his songs, being performed live or hearing him spin records.

Ken Okuda is a selector, music journalist and researcher from Berlin, inspired by all styles of dance music. He’s co-founded the collective and sound system SHUSH, bringing a soulful touch to Berlin dancefloors. With a dedication to spinning vinyl and a keen ear for contemporary sounds, his sets move in numerous directions.

Berlin based DJ, producer and band leader of Key Elements, Marian Tone plays soulful music with no genre boundaries for two decades now. As one of the founders of Beat Kollektiv, he has run successful parties across Europe as well as released music on various labels such as Sonar Kollektiv, Broken District and Dezi-Belle Records. See what’s rocking his record box.

Hosted by Marian Tone.



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