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New event series: The Space In Between

As a part of our 25th label anniversary, we’re thrilled to announce our latest event series: The Space In Between.

Known for our boundary-pushing sounds and diverse artist roster, this unique and eclectic series of events will showcase some of the most exciting and innovative DJs & musicians from around the world, bringing together different genres, cultures, and styles to create a truly one-of-a-kind musical experience. Authentic music – from and for music lovers.

The Space In Between is a celebration of the spaces that exist between musical genres, where artists are free to experiment, innovate, and push the boundaries. From jazz to electronica, from funk to soul, house to disco, this series will showcase a diverse range of musical styles, united by a spirit of creativity and exploration.

“We’re really excited about The Space In Between,” says the team behind it, Daniel W. Best, Marian Tone & Oliver Glage. “For us, it’s all about bringing together different sounds and cultures, and creating something new and exciting in the process. We’re thrilled to be able to showcase some of the most talented and innovative DJs & musicians from around the world, and to give audiences a chance to experience music that breaks down barriers and defies categorization.”

The Space In Between will take place over the course of several months, with each event featuring a differentline-up. Kicking off at the “Schönwetter” location, just a stone’s throw away from the label office, followed by a 16-hour club night at the renowned “Heideglühen”
club, and a intimate night of concerts at the beautiful “Zenner Biergarten”. More shows to follow in London, Amsterdam and other cities.

Stay tuned for more and be sure to check out the upcoming live-streams and DJ mixes…

TSIB radio will go live tomorrow 13.00 CEST on Twitch.

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Sonar Kollektiv

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